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Probiotic and Gluten Free- Habit Hot Sauce

probiotic and gluten free

Habit Hot Sauce- Your a Hard Habit to Break

probiotic and gluten

Ok….I get it, It’s a cheesy love song from one of my favorite bands Chicago

Actually, it was the first thing that came to mind when I heard their tag line. I just couldn’t resist the reference. 

The Story Behind Habit Hot Sauce

It all started when Drayson gave Bud an Atomic wedgie at an 8th grade sleep over, A wedgie that was so strong, it formed a ever lasting bond for the rest of their lives. 

Read about Bud and Drayson here>

20 years later, Bud Torcom and Drayson Helberg developed this 100% raw, organic, probiotic and gluten free hot sauce that has set the Hot Sauce industry on fire! ….pun intended. 

The Probiotic Gluten Free 100% Organic Raw Secret Formula

In a secret concoction of rare spices from Chili, Habit lacto-ferment’s organic, non-gmo, free-range peppers from local Oregon farmers.(supporting their local organic farms and economy)

After 2 weeks of fermentation, the peppers are blended to create this magical “Habit Forming” hot sauce. All done with No Cooking, No Pasteurization and No Preservatives. 

Check out  Bud and Drayson describe their process in this interview in the Central Oregon Daily News

Hand Made Small Batch

Habit comes in  4 fabulous concoctions. 

  • Blueberry Habanero
  • Extra Hot Habanero Hibiscus(limited production)
  • Fire Water
  • Habanero Hibiscus

Here’s my advice. If your looking to get your hands on some of this insanely good Hot Sauce, rush over to their website right now and order all four them. (if available)

You might just get lucky and catch the latest batch. 



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