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The Wellness Wheel: How Balanced is Your Life?

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The Wellness Wheel is a tool for self-exploration that can help you survey choices or situations that impact your overall wellness. Each of the 8 dimensions is interconnected and equally important. How balanced is your health and wellness wheel?

Emotional Wellness

How are you feeling about yourself? Do you have balance in your life when it comes to self-care, health, and wellness, work/life balance, or anything else that impacts how you feel about who you are as a person?

Physical Wellness

Physical health is important for so many aspects of life, from mental health to social interactions.

Physical wellness ties in with what you eat and drink; how much exercise you get; whether you partake in risky behavior such as smoking, excessive drinking, indulging in junk foods, etc.; and how much relaxation time you’re willing to give your body.

In order to have physical health one must have a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables, not too much sugar or alcohol, and a balanced amount of exercise.

Environmental Wellness

Environmental wellness is a health-conscious approach that is all about living in a way that sustains healthy and healthful environments. Some people use this term to refer to how healthfully they eat, while others may apply it to the health of the environment where they live.

Social Wellness

Do you have relationships that nourish you emotionally and mentally, or are they draining your energy? Do you find yourself saying “yes” to too many commitments without setting boundaries for yourself first? Are there toxic people in your life who bring down the health of those around them with their words, actions, or attitudes?

Intellectual Wellness

Do you engage in activities that nourish your creative side? Are there things about yourself or life experiences that inspire you to create something beautiful, like music, art, writing, etc.? Do you find ways of expressing your creativity every day through little actions and moments?

Financial Wellness

Are decisions at work impacting your health and wellness? Are you overspending, value spending too much, or not enough time on money management? Do you have healthy boundaries with work/life balance that allow you to feel good about the financial choices that impact how you live each day?

Spiritual Wellness

Do activities in your daily life reflect a connection to something? Do you set aside time for reflection and meditation, or do other things feel more important? Do your health habits reflect a connection to something greater than yourself that is worth nurturing and growing?

Occupational Wellness

How are health-conscious people dealing with occupational wellness?

Resilience is one of the health benefits that health-conscious people can reap. Knowing how to do this, they are able to avoid burnout, which is very prevalent these days.

“I make sure to take time for myself. I also set goals that are challenging but realistic,” says health-conscious person A. “I always have a plan re my goals.”

Health-conscious person B adds, “It’s important to know your limits. You can’t achieve everything at once.”

It's hard to stay health and wellness conscious in today's world.

The Wellness Wheel was created as a way to explore how different aspects of our lives affect our health, happiness, and success. This interactive tool will help you find balance by reflecting on what matters most to you – from physical health, mental health, relationships with others, spirituality, career satisfaction – anything! You’ll be able to see which areas need more attention or improvement so that you can work on them.

Beginning now, you can begin thinking about your health and wellness in a way that makes it easier to stay healthy! Think of the things most important to you – what would they look like if they were out of balance? Then think about how each part is connected so try looking at the wheel as one big picture.

The health and wellness wheel can help you get a good look at how balanced your life really is. It’s important to be aware of what might be impacting all eight areas, from socializing with friends to being able to enjoy the finer things in life. The health and wellness wheel will show you which aspects are most out of balance so that you can use this information as an opportunity for change!

• An awareness of health and wellness

• Self-knowledge that doesn’t require expensive or time-consuming coaching

• Understanding of how balanced your life is, so you can change it if need be


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