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Vital Choice: Wild Alaskan Seafood Box Review

wild Alaskan seafood box

Wild Alaskan Seafood Box Review:

Vital Choice is a company that specializes in wild-caught seafood. They offer boxes of Wild Alaskan Seafood, subscription services, and other goodies like cookbooks and recipes.

Their goal is to give you the best quality seafood available at an affordable price with a focus on sustainability, taste, and nutritional value.

This review will be focusing on their Wild Alaskan Seafood Box which includes three pounds of fresh fish shipped right to your door every month for $199/month (plus shipping). The seafood box contains 6-7 varieties each month that total 18-22 servings. Recipe-ready portions of salmon, white fish, and tuna, plus a rotating spotlight on wild shrimp, prawns, scallops, and calamari.

Looking for a Healthy Organic Lifestyle?

Vital Choice’s Wild Alaskan Seafood Box (or Vital Box) is the perfect way to get your hands on some of the world’s best seafood. They offer wild-caught, sustainable seafood that tastes great and is good for you too! With their boxes, you’ll never have to worry about what fish are in season or which ones are overfished. You can just sit back and enjoy all the deliciousness Vital Choice has handpicked just for you.

One of our favorite things about Vital Choice is the video recipes they have on their site. You can watch video recipes featuring the seafood in your particular box to help you plan out what you’re going to eat that week!

Here is a sample Vital Choice recipe: Roasted Wild Salmon with Spinach Herb Pesto

It's Hard to Know What is Healthy, Organic, and Wild-Caught.

Vital Choice offers a monthly subscription service that delivers the world’s finest wild-caught seafood right to your door. They offer three different types of boxes depending on your needs – The Classic Box for those who want variety in their diet, the Healthy Living Box for those who are looking for more healthful options, or the Seafood Lover’s Box for those who just can’t get enough of our delicious seafood!

With Vital Choice, you’ll never have to worry about what type of food is best again. Their boxes come with everything you need – from recipes and cooking tips to detailed information about each product so that you can make smart choices about what to eat.

Vital Choice Limited Edition Holiday Box 2021

The Vital Choice Limited Edition Holiday Box 2021 is a unique gift for the holidays. This box contains an assortment of Vital Choice’s most popular products, including Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Wild Alaskan Halibut, and Oven Ready Smoked Sablefish. It also includes a variety of seasoning blends to add a festive touch to any meal!

Vital Choice Limited Edition Holiday Box 2021 is a limited offer available while supplies last.  Limited quantities are available, so act fast to get your box while you can!

– Enjoy the flavors of the season with our limited edition holiday box.


-Naturally Gluten-Free

– Treat your loved ones to something special this year.

The Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Seafood box is a great way to introduce your family and friends to the benefits of eating organic. The seafood in this package isn’t just delicious, it’s also sustainably sourced from one of the most pristine ecosystems on earth: Alaska! Eating these types of foods can help you feel better about what you’re putting into your body. If we’ve convinced you that it’s time for an upgrade, then head over and select a Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Seafood Box today!

• You can put your trust in Vital Choice because they partner with the world’s leading fisheries and body of knowledge

• Their products are wild-caught, sustainably harvested, and offer healthy Omega 3s

• They offer a variety of types of seafood to help you plan meals and stay satisfied

• Vital Choice partners with the Marine Stewardship Council to guarantee sustainable seafood

• Also offers a large variety of plant-based protein foods, including organic eggs and organic beans, Grass-Fed Beef, Bison, and Pasture Raised Pork

You want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but you’re not sure what that means.

Organic food is the answer. Eating organic foods will help you feel better and live longer!

Vital Choice offers an extensive selection of organic products including wild-caught seafood, plant-based protein foods, and more. They offer a variety of types of seafood to help you plan meals and stay satisfied. Their partners with the Marine Stewardship Council guarantee sustainable seafood so your family can enjoy delicious fish without worrying about overfishing or pollution in our oceans.

What are the Health & Nutrition Benefits of Eating Wild Caught Seafood?

One of the easiest ways to reap the health benefits of salmon is by eating it wild-caught. Wild-caught salmon contains higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial to human health. Salmon are born in rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. These fish are less likely to contain contaminants because they aren’t reared on crowded factory farms.

Organic food is one of the best ways to avoid genetically modified foods that have been linked to cancer tumors. This is because there are pesticide-free GMO foods, which can harm your body. It’s important that you research whether or not the food products that you eat are organic.


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