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What is a Chimichurri Sauce?

what is a chimichurri sauce (2)
What is a Chimichurri sauce you might ask? Try this recipe when your ready to add some exciting flavors to your tenderloin.

Chimichurri’s name likely comes from Basque origin, deriving from chimi, which means to grill or toast, and Harri, pot. Chimichurri can be brushed, basted, or spooned over meat, fish, vegetables, and sandwiches. It also can be used as a marinade for grilled meats and a base for salad dressings. We suggested brushing this over medium-rare organic grass feed beef tenderloin.

***Please note that some of the ingredients are added after fermentation, so read the instructions carefully!

Fermented Chimichurri
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Getting it done:



  • There is also a Rojo (red) version which incorporates tomato and red bell pepper
  • Mint can be used in place another herb or added into the mix with the other 3
  • Keep the chimichurri refrigerated once blended.
  • Make sure to use non-iodized salt.




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